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Available now for digital download

The 8-Tracks are delighted to present their first album, "Day Dreaming".

Amanda Harris - Vocals
Jessica Papst - Vocals
Giuliana Russo - Vocals
Cassie Wade - Vocals
Craig Macdonell - Tenor & Alto Sax, Flute
Michael Russell - Keyboards
Michael Smith - Acoustic & Electric Guitar
Myles Willis - Bass
Craig Wilson - Drums

Recorded 2023/24 in Brisbane, Australia.

Produced by Michael Smith

Yours to keep, 

Unlike some music streaming and purchase providers, who are now saying that music you bought still belongs to them, when you purchase Day Dreaming from The 8-Tracks, you get a digital album that is yours to keep forever.

How you play the album depends on what sort of device you are using, and what media/audio player you prefer.

For most media players (like iTunes, for example), if you click on "Files", there is an option to choose "Add File to Library" or "Add Folder to Library". You then locate where you downloaded the album to, and click "Open".

Another option that can work is to click and hold (on a phone) or right click (on a computer) on the downloaded song, and "Open with" your player of choice - Spotify, for example.

Happy listening!

Day Dreaming.jpg

Day Dreaming
Watercolour on paper, by Michelle Rackley
© 2024
Inspired by the lyrics of the title track, the feeling of daydreaming, and memories of afternoons spent poring over album covers, Michelle has created this beautiful visual representation of the album. Using an impressionist style to best suit the retro, bluesy, jazz type of aesthetic of the era, she has captured the essence of being lost in thought - "Daydreaming and thinking of you."  

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