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"The 8-Tracks set the stage on musical fire... they sound incredible, are classy, and have a powerful energy that commands attention. "

- Peter Koevari, Festival Director,

AFIN International Film Festival

The 8-Tracks are a Motown and Soul tribute band from Brisbane, Queensland.


With exquisite vocal harmonies, an energetic rhythm section and the sultry sounds of a saxophone to seal the deal, you’ll be captivated from the moment they begin.


The backline provide a flawless foundation, keeping the music tight and pumping out a steady stream of all your favourite retro soul hits.


The women up front light up the stage with their soaring voices. Individually they’re outstanding, but together – they’re like nothing you’ve ever heard before.


Sell out venues and rave reviews are just the beginning. Get your dancing shoes on!


Meet the band

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